The 2024 SwimRun Cape Cod

Enjoy the majestic beauty of the Cape Cod National Seashore in one of the most unique of endurance races. Two distances from which to choose: you can race solo, or form a team of two.

Brought to you by race directors with an established record for stellar multisport events throughout New England.

Our 2024 race is sold out.

Racer jumping over a log

September 21, 2024

There are two distances to SwimRun Cape Cod in this year: Medium Course: (9.7 miles of running and 1.8 miles of swimming across 7 bodies of water), and Short (4 miles of running and 0.75 miles of swimming).

A Long Course option will be introduced in 2025.

Solo or 2-Person Teams

Like most swim-run competitions, we welcome solo competitors or teams of two athletes. Standard swim-run protocols and guidelines will apply to this event.

Solo competitors can register for either distance. Two-person teams may race the Medium Course distance only.

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SwimRun Cape Cod is proud to be a qualifier event of the My SwimRun Championship series


SwimRun Cape Cod is one of 12 events in the My SwimRun series of races held worldwide. You can earn a spot in the world championships by winning your class at SwimRun Cape Cod, or by accruing points with each race in which you compete.

For 2024, the championships will be held in Portugal (long distance), Sweden (middle distance) and France (sprint distance). Qualified athletes also have the option in competing in the 2025 or 2026 championships (event locations to be announced).

SwimRun Cape Cod 2024 is sold out!

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